Friday, February 22, 2008

Vladimir Soloviev

Vladimir Sergeyevich Soloview was born on January 16, 1853 in Moscow and was a Russian Philosopher and Mystic. My interest in him began many years ago after I had been reading about Sophia, which some mystics claim is Divine Wisdom or Wisdom personified. Divine Wisdom is mentioned in the books of Proverbs and Sirach among others. It should be noted that interest in Sophia is widespread but in some circles not without error. When one goes to a bookstore and finds in the Metaphysical section, books on Sophia most often it is not the pure mystical Sophia of Soloviev, but a New Age Feminist style built upon Gnostic principles. I have bought a few books over the years that are misleading and New Age. This is not the Sophia that I write about. I find Soloviev interesting because he is very articulate in defining who he considers her to be. He had three visions of Sophia. The first when he was nine years old. He wrote a beautiful poem on these mystic encounters called, "Three Meetings."

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